The 5 most popular WM Dolls in 2021


If you are a sex doll collector, you must know WM Doll manufacturer, a world-famous sex doll brand. The love doll designed and produced by WM Doll is made of high-quality TPE materials, medical grade materials, no taste, closer to real human skin, and excellent touch. WM sex dolls use a new type of ball-joint metal skeleton, which enables sex dolls to have a wider range of physical activities, better flexibility, and achieve more sexual postures. If you want to buy a sex doll, I recommend WM Doll for you. Here are the 5 most popular WM sex dolls in 2021.

1.WM Doll 157cm(5ft2) TPE B Cup Sex Doll

157cm wm dolls

She is an uncommon sex doll with fiery red hair. She is a college student from Seattle, and most of her life has been spent in libraries and classrooms.

She loves to read, and she has a very vivid imagination that is always taking her on strange, wild adventures in exciting new places.

You’ll be surprised to know that She is still a virgin! “I don’t have any practical experience of man-woman relationships, but if you don’t mind being my first one, and teaching me all the secrets of love, I promise you that I will be a very enthusiastic student,” she says.

She has carefully preserved her pureness, so she can give you the gift of her virginity when you make her yours and take her home. She may be naïve and innocent, but she is sensuous and sexy as well, and aches for the touch of a strong pair of loving, male hands. She’s looking forward to finding my forever sweetheart here on the DollsFamily website. We hope you’re the lucky one!

2.WM Doll 166cm(5ft5) Female Soldier TPE C Cup Sex Doll

166cm wm dolls

If you like them hot, fit and sizzling with sex appeal, you can’t do better than Lara. Standing at 5 ft 5 inches, she’s tall for a doll, and her lithe, sensuous body, wheat blonde hair and melting brown eyes make her one of the most popular new girls on this website.

She is an ex-Army girl with several tours to Iraq and Afghanistan under her belt. Back home now and retired from active service, she wants to settle down with a man who loves her, deserves her, and treats her like the combat queen she really is. In return, Lara’s going to make your every secret dream and desire come true. She’s fiery but faithful. Hot and desirable, but for your pleasure only. And if your home’s ever invaded by undesirable elements, you can depend on She to spring into action and neutralize the threat… Oh, so sexy…

3.WM Doll 140cm(4ft6) Real Life TPE D-cup Breast Love Doll

140cm wm doll

She is an outdoorsy girl from Colorado, who keeps herself in shape by playing a lot of sports and going horseback riding. One of the most popular Japanese or Chinese sex dolls going!

Besides staying fit, she also spends her time designing lingerie for an adult sex toy websites. Her specialty is crotch-less panties that have peek-a-boo slits in the centre, fringed with delicate fur and lace. She wears a lot of her own designs, and will certainly bring her prettiest pieces when she comes home to you.

“On our first night together, I will dress in the most arousing lingerie you have ever seen, and you’ll get so excited, you will be tearing them right off my body with your teeth!” she says. “Until then, I promise I am keeping myself decent. But don’t make me wait long…”

4.WM Doll 163cm(5ft4) TPE H Cup Sex Doll

163cm wm doll

We made she bend down a lot during her photo shoot because her ass, hips and thighs show off the best parts of this `thick’ girl who’s simply overloaded with hot, shameless sexuality. Look at she from the front, and you’ll instantly get a hard-on when you see her humongous, H-Cup breasts!

It is impossible to resist this big ass sex doll. Her body simply does not allow it.

she works as a stripper in a gentleman’s club in Las Vegas. Interestingly, she wanted to study nursing, but her sexuality became such a problem that she had to quit her training midway. “I was spending more time fucking doctors and male nurse practitioners than learning anything,” this big booty wife says. “Finally, I decided to strip because whatever other job I tried, I’d have to fuck there anyway.”

5.WM Doll 166cm(5ft5) Life Size TPE C Cup Skinny Sex Doll

166cm wmdoll

Everyone knows that Russian girls are hot! But she is sex appeal is off the charts!

Look at her young, sinewy body, perky boobs and hot, delicious pussy. If you like them hairy, she will happily oblige you with a full bush.

Sexually, this young ski instructor is quite adventurous too.

“My favorite things to do are: tie-and-tease, blowjobs and role play,” she reveals. “I also get a thrill from being at a restaurant with my man, slipping my hand under the table and giving him a secret hand relief. The danger of getting caught gets me all hot and excited, so be sure to take me home afterwards and finish the thing we started.”

The above is the 5 most popular sex dolls of 2021 from the well-known brand WM Doll. If you like it, please don't hesitate to take them home immediately!